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» CNCSIS Research Project - The Repertoire of Pipe Organs in Romania
The research project "Repertoire of Pipe Organs in Romania" is realized by the Music Faculty of the West University of Timisoara with CNCSIS (National University Research Council) funding for 2006-2008.

The project aim is to gather technical data and images of all organ pipes located in Romania, in order to make them available for musicologists and public alike. To our knowledge, this is the first sistematic research activity which designed a complex documentation card and which uses electronic means in order to store data concerning the history of organ pipe making in Romania.

This version of the website is meant primarilly for the members of the research team, so they can add data they collected; at this stage, access is restricted to team members and CNCSIS personnel, but as soon as the project will be finalized, the data will be available to all those interested. The final version of this website will allow to search for organ pipes according to complex combined criteria, such as: organ locations, church denominations, organ builders, construction years, action or windchest types, wind supply systems, etc.

We hope this website will be useful both to musicology researchers and to the public, by making available these national patrimony values.

You can access the aplication with the username GUEST and pasword orgiro.

Read "Pipe organs of Romania" in PDF format
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